Michelle Reyes, M.D.

Dr. Michelle Reyes is a double-board certified plastic surgeon and ophthalmologist. She is a South Dakota native who graduated with a Biomedical Engineering degree from Arizona State University. She went on to medical school at University of Louisville, graduating with honors. Dr. Reyes has been practicing Ophthalmology in West Hills since 1997 when she graduated from her Ophthalmology Residency at UC Irvine. Her practice blossomed in 2002 when Botox® was approved for cosmetic use.

In the years that followed and after hearing the increasing call from her clients for Botox® and cosmetic procedures, Dr Reyes transitioned over to the cosmetic field becoming a Cosmetic Surgeon. Her medical practice is now dedicated to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures alongside healthy age management in a relaxing spa environment, which we now know as “The Med Spot”. Dr. Reyes specializes in using her aesthetic instincts with her medical and technical background to make people realize their full beauty potential, health and wellness. She is also heavily involved in continuing medical education to ensure she is practicing medicine using the most cutting-edge technology and training.

For additional information on Dr. Reyes, please visit https://themedspotla.com.

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